More people want to learn sign language than French or German

More people want to learn sign language than French and German, a study shows today. And a survey by the National Deaf Children’s Society shows two out of three adults think sign language is more impressive than speaking a foreign language. One in four people in Britain say they want to learn sign language, which [...]

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This Smart Glove Translates Sign Language to Text and Speech

Hadeel Ayoub, a Saudi designer and media artist, wants to bridge the communication gap between people with and without hearing disabilities. After a year of tinkering, she’s come up with a “smart glove” that converts sign language into text and speech. “I have an autistic niece who is four and who doesn’t speak. When I [...]

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The Life and Death of Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language

From its founding in 1640 through the end of the 1800s, people who were born in Chilmark, a small town on the western end of Martha’s Vineyard, also tended to die in Chilmark. Two of those people were the children of Jonathan Lambert, a man who had come to Chilmark from Kent, England, in the [...]

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