The 360 stones which show off the earliest writing in Ireland

Ireland is well known for its rich literary tradition stretching back to the early medieval period. Dating from roughly the seventh century (although mainly surviving in later manuscript copies), our earliest texts contain diverse material in both Latin and Irish. However, there was writing in Ireland in the centuries prior to this. This was not [...]

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Census shows we must rethink our approach to Irish and the Gaeltacht

The 2016 Census returns, published this week, contain bad news for the Irish language, with a decline across all significant categories: daily speakers of Irish outside the education system and knowledge of and use of Irish in the Gaeltacht. The fall in the Gaeltacht is particularly dramatic – an 11 per cent drop in daily [...]

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Brexit may threaten the many minority languages of Britain

The Cornish language has come back from the dead. Once officially branded “extinct” by the UN, the language, spoken primarily in Cornwall in Southwest England, was upgraded to “endangered” in 2010. Cornish may have come back, but its situation remains precarious. Ethnologue, a research project that catalogs the world’s languages, says that there are “no [...]

Irish language is far from dead, linguist claims

Purist Irish-language practitioners who frown on phrases such as “mo bhicycle” and “mo mhobile fón” are a “pain in the neck”, according to a Californian linguist, whose study of dialectical differences on the Aran Islands is due to be published today. Dr Séamus Ó Direáin (77), whose grandparents emigrated from Inis Mór to Boston more [...]

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Irish language group wins row with Facebook over Irish names

Social media giant Facebook has bowed to pressure from Irish language rights group Misneach whose members were furious to learn that they would not be allowed to display their names as Gaeilge on the site. The group had planned to stage a large protest outside Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin yesterday, but plans were called [...]

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