This Is How Google Wants To Make The Internet Speak Everyone’s Language

JAKARTA, Indonesia — When Nurhaida Sirait-Go curses, she curses in her mother tongue. The 60-year-old grandmother does everything emphatically, and Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia, just doesn’t allow for the same fury of swearing as Batak, the language that Sirait-Go grew up speaking on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. “On Facebook, on Whatsapp, they [...]

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Wikipedia ‘facts’ depend on which language you read them in

Like Facebook and Twitter, Wikipedia could have its own filter bubbles. A new website lets you uncover geographical biases in Wikipedia articles by tracking down where editors of different languages source their information. Insert the URL of any Wikipedia page into Wikiwhere and the site’s algorithm trawls the web to find out where the references [...]

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On The Internet, The World’s Diversity Of Languages Is Completely Absent

There are two ways of looking at the fact that just 2% of the world’s 6,000-odd languages are thriving online. One is that 98% of our human communication heritage is doomed, as more people switch to more global languages to communicate. The other, says Priceonomics’ Alex Mayyasi, is that these "few languages becoming the language [...]

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China Tests First Tibetan Language Search Engine

BEIJING: China has begun the trial of its first Tibetan language search engine, putting it on course for release in the second half of 2016, the developer said today. "Cloud Tibet" has news, pictures, video and audio search options, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Development head Tselo said the database and the semantic unit function [...]

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English is losing its status as the universal language of the Internet

More than half of the internet is in English. But that percentage may decline in the future, according to research by Álvaro Blanco from Funredes, a nonprofit that studies technology usage in the developing world. In 1996, Blanco's research estimated that 80% of online content was in English. Less than a decade later, he said [...]

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24 words that mean totally different things now than they did before the Internet

Technological change, as we know very well, tends to provoke linguistic and cultural change, too. It’s the reason why, several times a year, dictionaries trumpet the addition of new and typically very trendy words. But more interesting than the new words, I think, are the old words that have gotten new meanings: words such as [...]

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This is what .com looks like in different languages

This week, Verisign, the registry for domains ending in .com and .net, launched the first internationalized version of .com. It's in Japanese script, and it looks like this: .コム. Previously, the only way to load a .com website was to type the Latin characters that are common to English, French, Spanish and German speakers but [...]

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Regional languages are the lynchpin to India’s Internet boom

India is expected to see an unprecedented boom in the number of Internet users over the next few years but for a host of Internet companies it means a wholesale change in the language in which they engage with their potential new consumers. According to a November report by the Internet and Mobile Association of [...]

OMG! The Hyperbole of Internet-Speak

The text exchange was unspectacular: a friend explaining a video that had been posted by a classmate to his Snapchat feed. Jordana Narin, my 20-year-old research assistant, was half paying attention, sitting in my living room working on a project, texting between breaks. “Omg literally dying,” she typed back, not missing a beat. She turned [...]

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Languages are dying, but is the internet to blame?

Languages everywhere are dying; a recent UN report showed that nearly 900 languages have been driven to extinction in the last three years -- and that's despite an increase in the number of languages supported by the internet. But is the lack of language diversity online accelerating language death or simply reflecting what's happening in [...]

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