How the world of fonts is making room for Indian languages

Peter Bilak likes to think of fonts as the voice of the text. They convey emotions and tone, just like voices—and just like voices, there are some fonts that are inherently better at communicating a message. Bilak knows this universe of fonts, with their adjunct emotions, intimately. In 2009, the Slovakian typeface designer had co-founded [...]

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The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font

The story of Chinese characters begins with, of all things, turtle bellies. The kings of the Shang Dynasty—which ruled from the 16th to the 11th centuries BC—had questions. Questions about what the king should do, like whether to “perform a ritual for Father Ding and offer to him thirty captives from the Qiang nomad tribe [...]

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Canada’s New Typeface Unifies the Country’s Many Languages

IF THE UNITED States were to have a typeface, it might be something like Highway Gothic, the sans-serif, designed by Ted Forbes, that’s plastered across our nation’s road signs. Or maybe Helvetica, the famed font found just about everywhere, including your cereal box’s nutrition label. Some people, the ones less impressed with the government’s competence, [...]

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New font lets anyone learn Japanese

A U.K. company named Johnson Banks has come with an ingenious way to include English pronunciation in Japanese katakana characters. The company has dubbed this new font cleverly as "Phonetikana," where each katakana character featured a few English letters to help English speakers say the word properly. The company started incorporating the new font in [...]

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