After ‘Parasite,’ Are Subtitles Still a One-Inch Barrier for Americans?

Last month, when Bong Joon Ho, the South Korean director of the film “Parasite,” accepted the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, he teased American moviegoers that a whole world of wonderful cinema awaited them beyond Hollywood. “Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing [...]

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How America became a key market for foreign-language TV drama

Some say it was a Venezuelan terrorist who opened the door for foreign-language television in the US. Others credit a Colombian drug lord. Either way, Carlos, the multilingual 2010 miniseries screened in the US by Sundance TV, and Narcos, the English- and Spanish-language Netflix series that made its debut in 2015 — plus a growing [...]

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Regional-Language Films Power Indian Entertainment Industry’s Growth

A staggering 1,907 films in 41 languages were certified in India in the 2015-16 timeframe. The Hindi-language industry led the way with 340 films, followed by Tamil with 291, Telugu (275), Kannada (204), Marathi (181) and Malayalam (168). The Indian film industry grew overall by 3% in the financial year 2016-17, but domestic theatrical declined [...]

Ernesto Contreras On Creating an Indigenous Language for Sundance Winner ‘Sueño en Otro Idioma’

Spoken or otherwise, human beings exchange messages that range from practical to profound, but when the ability to express our curiosities, concerns, and desires is threatened by the lack of someone who can understand our words, that result is isolation. Imagine if only one other person in the world could fully comprehend what you need [...]

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Arrival, the movie: How linguistics saved the world

Imagine this: strange spacecraft, under alien command, hover in the sky in strategic locations around the globe. Little is known of their intent. National governments and international organizations struggle to determine what comes next. They marshal equipment, military hardware and a bevy of top researchers to scientifically analyze everything that can be known about the [...]

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A Native American Filmmaker Captures Her Father’s Language Before It Vanishes

A little girl clad in a pink, fringed Native American outfit with two long braids draping down over her shoulders spins around and around. Her face is one of focused concentration, totally oblivious to the audience watching her, as she steps in and out of the six hoops in her hands. This is Kayla Briët [...]

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Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird?

It’s not quite British, and it’s not quite American – so what gives? Why do all those actors of yesteryear have such a distinct and strange accent? If you’ve ever heard old movies or newsreels from the thirties or forties, then you’ve probably heard that weird old-timey voice. It sounds a little like a blend [...]

Spain chooses Basque-language drama Loreak as Oscar submission

Spain has selected a Basque-language film for the first time to be its official submission to the Oscars. Loreak (Flowers), directed by Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga, was announced as Spain’s Oscar nominee by the Spanish Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences, who tweeted the film’s title and “Enhorabuena” – “Congratulations”. Read more: The [...]

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