Forensic linguists explore how emojis can be used as evidence in court

Emojis have become ubiquitous in text communication – messages are peppered with smiley faces, hearts and other graphic icons. They were first drawn by graphic designer Shigetaka Kurita, and generated by a Japanese communications firm called NTT DoCoMo in the late 1990s. Now they’re everywhere. But would you be quite so quick to insert an [...]

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Why emojis and #hashtags should be part of language learning

Learning a language after one’s early childhood home language is often referred to as second language learning (despite the fact people may in fact be learning their third or fourth languages). In Canada, an officially bilingual country, both English and French are widely taught in superdiverse urban centres. Increasingly, a popular avenue for adult language [...]

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Finland expresses its unique Nordic culture in emojis — and two get Unicode-approved!

Finland recently published its own set of cultural emojis, 49 in all. They were originally part of a Christmas calendar published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on ThisisFinland, a Finnish website. The emojis are all very special to Finns and celebrate their Nordic way of life. For example, if you've ever visited Finland, you'd [...]

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A Bible Made With Emojis Is Now An Actual Thing

Internet, meet the Bible Emoji. This latest edition of one of the world’s most translated books replaces commonly used words from the King James Version of the Bible with Unicode-approved emojis. It also goes one step further by translating this ancient scripture into today’s web lingo. That means subbing in words like “and” for “&,” [...]

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Why Japan Got Over Emojis

By plenty of measures, 2015 has been a banner year for emojis. A Welsh professor declared them the fastest growing language in the U.K. The New York Times used one in a headline, and a grid of them graced the cover of the New Yorker. Lawyers have cited emojis as evidence in dramatic courtroom trials. [...]

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Are Emojis Becoming the New Universal ‘Language’?

Since 2011, when they first became widely available, emojis—the colourful the winks, smileys, lovehearts, and so on embedded as glyphs in our digital keyboards—have taken the world by storm. An emoji , or 'picture character', from the Japanese, is a visual representation of a feeling, idea, entity, status or event. The first emojis were developed [...]

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