Why emojis and #hashtags should be part of language learning

Learning a language after one’s early childhood home language is often referred to as second language learning (despite the fact people may in fact be learning their third or fourth languages). In Canada, an officially bilingual country, both English and French are widely taught in superdiverse urban centres. Increasingly, a popular avenue for adult language [...]

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A Bible Made With Emojis Is Now An Actual Thing

Internet, meet the Bible Emoji. This latest edition of one of the world’s most translated books replaces commonly used words from the King James Version of the Bible with Unicode-approved emojis. It also goes one step further by translating this ancient scripture into today’s web lingo. That means subbing in words like “and” for “&,” [...]

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Emoji: Language killer, parasite or symbiosis?

Earth. Population 7.2 Billion and a whopping 6500 languages being spoken every day. Africa. The second most populous continent in the world with 1.1-billion people and almost 2 000 languages are spoken daily. Amongst the languages spoken on our beautiful continent, UNESCO has listed 79 African languages as critically endangered, 66 severely endangered, 51 as [...]

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Meet the Author Who Translates Classic Literature Into Emoji

With emojis going mainstream, London artist and publisher Joe Hale wants everyone to be fluent. The Oxford Dictionaries this week named the emoji depicting a “face with tears of joy” as the Word of the Year. The emoticon is Mr. Hale’s medium, first displayed in his “Wonderland” poster, in which he translated Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s [...]

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