To Communicate With Apes, We Must Do It On Their Terms

On August 24, 1661, Samuel Pepys, an administrator in England’s navy and famous diarist, took a break from work to go see a “strange creature” that had just arrived on a ship from West Africa. Most likely, it was a chimpanzee—the first Pepys had ever seen. As he wrote in his diary, the “great baboon” [...]

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The Brain Has Its Own “Autofill” Function for Speech

The world is an unpredictable place. But the brain has evolved a way to cope with the everyday uncertainties it encounters—it doesn’t present us with many of them, but instead resolves them as a realistic model of the world. The body’s central controller predicts every contingency, using its stored database of past experiences, to minimize [...]

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AI Systems Are Learning to Communicate With Humans

In the future, service robots equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) are bound to be a common sight. These bots will help people navigate crowded airports, serve meals, or even schedule meetings. As these AI systems become more integrated into daily life, it is vital to find an efficient way to communicate with them. It is [...]

Different Written Languages Are Equally as Efficient at Conveying Meaning

The research, published in the journal Cognition, finds the same amount of time is needed for a person, from for example China, to read and understand a text in Mandarin, as it takes a person from Britain to read and understand a text in English – assuming both are reading their native language. Professor of [...]

Welcome To The Era Of Big Translation

Despite the increasing ability to reach foreign customers, the lack of quality translation methods is still the most challenging aspect of global expansion. Currently, even using the most advanced software services are an expensive, complicated, and inaccurate process. The result is that too often, businesses sacrifice millions of dollars in profit because marketing to global [...]

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Understanding speech not just a matter of believing one’s ears

Even if we just hear part of what someone has said, when we are familiar with the context, we automatically add the missing information ourselves. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt and the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig have now succeeded in demonstrating how we [...]

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How a joke can help us unlock the mystery of meaning in language

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with an elephant? You'll have to wait for the punchline, but you should already have shards of meaning tumbling about your mind. Now, jokes don't have to be all that funny, of course, but if they are to work at all then they must construct something [...]

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How Dictation Software is Changing the Way We Communicate

There’s often a noticeable difference between the way we write and the way we speak. Writing allows us to think before we type, and that extra step between a thought and its expression often leads to wording that's more precise—and more formal. But dictation software may be changing that. According to WIRED, as dictation software [...]

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Do Animals Have Their Own Language And Can They Talk To Each Other?

Can animals understand each other? And if they do, do they communicate through language? Is their language sophisticated enough to combine sounds into meaning in some grammatical sense? And can they talk about things that aren’t right in front of them? A lot of them can do some of those things! Read more: Gizmodo Australia

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Sperm Whales’ Language Reveals Hints of Culture

New ways to grab dinner, the trick to using a tool, and learning the local dialect. These are behaviors that animals pick up from each other. Killer whales, chimpanzees, and birds seem to have a cultural component to their lives. Now a new study suggests that sperm whales should be added to that list. The [...]

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