The Pirahã language — bringing more data to language debate

A heated controversy in linguistics in recent years involves a few hundred people deep in the Amazonian rainforest: the Pirahã tribe of Northern Brazil. Their idiosyncratic language has raised questions about how widely human languages share certain characteristics. Among the questions at issue is whether the Pirahã language contains recursion, a process through which sentences [...]

These Students Created Software That Could Help Millions Of Deaf People In Brazil

SÃO PAULO -- Approximately 5 percent of Brazilians have some kind of hearing impairment. Despite the widespread implementation of Brazilian Sign Language, also called Libras, in 2005, people with hearing impairments often need the help of translators to read texts, textbooks, websites and other reading material in standard Portuguese, which uses a different grammatical structure. [...]

Brazil Project Aims to Save Endangered Indigenous Languages

Guaricema Pataxo's indigenous roots are the cornerstone of her identity. The 53-year-old great-grandmother lives on her Pataxo people's reservation and makes a living by hawking their handicrafts, fully decked out in traditional regalia. But ask her to speak Pataxo, and she can only stumble through a few basic words and phrases. Her situation is not [...]

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