Millennial Aboriginal Australians Have Developed Their Own Language

Millennials, in a way, are a firmly bilingual group, thanks in no small part to “textspeak.” With the rise of Web 2.0 at the turn of 21st century, instant messaging slang and the bevy of acronyms that resulted have become a de facto marker of age, if not cool-factor. Down under, in the remote village [...]

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Indigenous verse in national anthem considered to preserve Aboriginal languages

The NSW Government's Aboriginal Affairs Department has been on a statewide roadshow consulting 14 different Indigenous communities on the draft Aboriginal Language Bill. The landmark legislation is the first of its kind and will set out to promote and protect Aboriginal languages as well as provide legal preservation. Places that have been consulted so far [...]

Translation app helping to preserve endangered Indigenous Queensland languages

The Kayardild language became threatened when the Kaiadilt people, who traditionally inhabited Bentinck and Sweers Islands in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria, were brought by missionaries to live on Mornington Island. Professor Nicholas Evans, director of the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, has been leading the translation work. Together with [...]

Aboriginal researcher fights for indigenous languages, looks to Maori

An Aboriginal professor says they look to Maori for leadership about how to preserve their indigenous languages. The situation over the Tasman is dire - their languages are disappearing, Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research at the University of Sydney, Professor Jakelin Troy. "In Australia our languages are going to sleep," she said. [...]