Interpretation Services

Working with spoken language requires a specialized skill set that differs greatly from those required when translating. It is our experience that every translator is not an interpreter. Since orally spoken language is a living, breathing entity affected by the confluence of culture and place, our interpreters are constantly honing their linguistic abilities to stay current with the vernacular.

Our interpreters have specific oral interpretation training and are well informed and sensitive to the cultural concerns that may come in to play during an interpretation assignment. Transparency and accessibility are as important as fluency and accuracy, and these skills require extra training.

Nova Languages offers professional interpretation services in most of the European, Asian, Indian, and African languages. We provide face-to-face, simultaneous, and consecutive interpretations for business meetings, international conferences, media events, medical appointments, court proceedings and depositions, immigration appointments, seminars, and other events where language needs to be interpreted.

All our interpreters have been thoroughly screened and tested to ensure that their language skills meet our client-focused criteria.

  • Face-to-face interpreting
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Escort interpreting

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