Subtle Ways Your Language Shapes the Way You Think

You spend almost all of your waking hours—and even some of your non-waking hours—using language. Even when you’re not talking with other people, you’re still running a monologue in your head much of the time. And you also frequently use language when you dream. Given the degree to which you use language not only for [...]

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Found in translation: USC scientists map brain responses to stories in three different languages

New brain research by USC scientists shows that reading stories is a universal experience that may result in people feeling greater empathy for each other, regardless of cultural origins and differences. And in what appears to be a first for neuroscience, USC researchers have found patterns of brain activation when people find meaning in stories, [...]

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The link between language and cognition is a red herring

Scientists working on animal cognition often dwell on their desire to talk to the animals. Oddly enough, this particular desire must have passed me by, because I have never felt it. I am not waiting to hear what my animals have to say about themselves, taking the rather Wittgensteinian position that their message might not [...]

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Synaesthesia could help us understand how the brain processes language

When we speak, listen, read, or write, almost all of the language processing that happens in our brains goes on below the level of conscious awareness. We might be aware of grasping for a particular forgotten word, but we don’t actively think about linguistic concepts like morphemes (the building blocks of words, like the past [...]

How the Human Brain Reads – In Any Language

Researchers at the University of Connecticut and their colleagues have found that what happens inside the brain when reading is the same no matter what the structure of a person’s written language, and that it is influenced by the same mechanism the brain uses to develop speech. The study, based on evidence from functional MRI [...]

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Different Written Languages Are Equally as Efficient at Conveying Meaning

The research, published in the journal Cognition, finds the same amount of time is needed for a person, from for example China, to read and understand a text in Mandarin, as it takes a person from Britain to read and understand a text in English – assuming both are reading their native language. Professor of [...]