The next generation is bringing Australia’s ancient languages into the future

Before colonisation, over 250 First Nations languages were spoken in Australia. Now, just over 100 are still in use and 90 per cent are considered "endangered". "Without your language, you're nobody," Ms Holden said. "Your language describes your country and your culture. That's why it's so important for us." Ms Holden is one of a [...]

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New twists on an old language: Efforts flourish to keep Cree alive

Mahti nehiyawetan — let’s speak Cree. Cree speakers believe the key to preserving the language is just that simple. Neal McLeod, author of 100 Days of Cree, says the language is at a pivotal point in history — it can either fade into obscurity like many other First Nations languages or see a resurgence. However, [...]

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The Life-Saving Movement to Reclaim Indigenous Language

Let's say your first language is English. It could be French, if you prefer. This is Canada, after all. Either way, English or French: it's your first language, part of who you are. You learned it as an infant; it's the fundamental way you express yourself as an adult. You understand every nuance of meaning [...]

First Nations celebrate language success stories

Stepping into the Saskatoon Inn during the First Nations Language Keepers Conference is like walking into the Tower of Babel. Each step brings a new language. Greetings are said in Saulteaux, while stories are shared in Cree and ideas are explored in Dene. There are even a couple of the few remaining Tsuut'ina speakers exchanging [...]

With the Majority of Canada’s Aboriginal Population Under 25, Young People are Embracing Indigenous Languages

Quinn Meawasige says he has spent his life walking with “one foot in a moccasin and one foot in a sneaker”. The indigenous activist and youth council representative with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Meawasige learned to balance both those worlds when he discovered his Aboriginal roots and heritage in a self-imposed stint in [...]